Buying business insurance requires a little more understanding about your requirements and business needs. Please contact our offices and we will let a trained insurance specialist help you buy the right coverage for your needs.


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No matter what type of business you run there is always the possibility of something happening that could negatively affect how you operate. It could be a fire in your business, a storm or hurricane that causes damages, theft of money, lawsuits or someone might simply slip and fall holding you responsible.

That is why Sun General has put together the best in class business insurance (also known as commercial insurance) packages available for your protection to limit the financial and emotional burden associated with disaster for you and your employees.

As business insurance covers so many areas of your business we advise that you contact one of our insurance specialist who will do a comprehensive review of your needs and then present a tailor made plan to suite your specific needs at a price that is right for your business.

Click below on the different types of business insurance we offer to learn more about each product.