We encourage you to prevent loss of contents, stock, etc. from burglary or theft. We also offer full coverage on these items against such loss as well as repairs to your damaged premises as a result of a break-in.

Our Burglary Policy provides coverage with respect to loss of or damage to your commercial properties resulting from attempted or actual theft. In addition to coverage on your building, we will insure items such as Machinery, Plant & Equipment, Stock in Trade, Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, Leasehold improvements etc. This coverage can be offered on a First Loss or on the full value basis.

First Loss Basis – we let you determine an amount out of the full value, most likely to be stolen or damaged at any one time, should there be a theft or attempted thereof eg.
$25,000.00 out of $100,000.00. This $25,000.00 becomes your first loss sum insured in event of a loss, hence losses in excess of this amount will be considered self-insured. This option allows you to save by paying a cheaper premium for adequate coverage.

Full Value Basis – as stated, the sum insured represents the full value of the property insured against. (Stock record keeping is required).



If you are involved in having goods transported by truck or container, then this Policy may be for you. Sun General’s Goods-In-Transit Policy will provide cover against accidental damage or loss including theft of your goods from a securely locked vehicle, such as a truck or container.

Our Policy can be tailored to cover you per trip (specific), on an annual basis or on a declaration basis. (Details of the truck or conveyance vehicle is required.)



Coverage is provided for accidental breakage of fixed glass panes, including the replacement cost and the cost of reasonably and properly boarding-up following breakage of the insured glass.

This Policy covers the replacement of broken or damaged glass i.e plate glass of your building and can be extended to cover the cost of boarding up the building pending replacement of breakage of glass, loss or damage to lettering or painting specifically insured.



Whatever is valuable to your business, is valuable to us!

With the term “valuables” varying from business to business, we at Sun General will tailor this Policy to suit your business needs.

This Policy provides coverage for your valuables against any event in which a loss can arise, such as fire, catastrophe perils and accidental damage. Any peril or risk not specifically stated or excluded is covered.

We can provide local and worldwide coverage for your electronic equipment, cameras and photographic apparatus, musical equipment, computer equipment and other specified equipment. (A list of items to be insured is required).



Going places??? Then consider the current environment, and the increased need for travel insurance. Sun General provides the most comprehensive package. Whether you are travelling on business or pleasure, Sun General will help you prepare for the unexpected.

Are you planning on sending your employees overseas to conduct business or to form company relationships, organizing tours and product shows? We at Sun General take away the risk companies will be exposed to with our special group travel packages.


Where do I start?


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