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Making a Liability Claim

I have received notification of a claim from a third party. What should I do?

Send any correspondence from third parties to our Claims Department as a matter of urgency.  Dealing with inaccuracies later can be costly, especially if the case goes to court.If you are notified via phone, take details of the call and ask them to write to us, providing full details of the claim and their losses.Our Claims Department will send an acknowledgement letter confirming we have received their letter and will be investigating.A third party claimant must prove that you were at fault for any loss, damage or injury they may have suffered.

What are the do’s and dont's if there is an incident?

  • Do not admit liability
  • Do not suggest to a third party that they will automatically receive compensation.
  • Do not discuss the claim with anyone representing the third party, such as a lawyer.
  • Do send us all information relevant to the claim, such as a claimant's letter/ invoice.

If you are not sure whether the claim against you is valid, please get in touch with one of our Claims Officers to express your concerns and we will investigate both the circumstances, details such as the age and condition of the items and amounts claimed. It is our job to ensure we only pay liability claims where genuine loss/damage/injury is caused as a result of your legal responsibility.

What are Loss Adjusters?

Loss Adjusters are independent claims specialists that we ask to investigate and administer claims especially large or technical claims. They assess the extent of damage, guide you through the repair process, report back to us and assist in settling the claim as soon as possible, in line with your policy cover. 

What do Loss Adjusters do?

Loss adjusters provide independent, professional investigation and adjustment of claims or loss or damage. They handle the claim on behalf of the insurers, which involves visiting the site, and assessing and agreeing the loss in line with the policy cover. The adjuster will advise and agree on what repairs you require and settle the claim as quickly as possible for you. Policy holders can also independently employ loss adjusters