Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre

Quick Tips

Sun General is here to provide you with tips for before, during and after a storm or hurricane. You can count on us! Please take a few moments to read our preparation and recovery advice. For quick reference please follow the steps below, which will assist should you have to make a claim.

  1. Before the storm
  • Please follow all instructions from emergency coordinators in your country.
  • Secure your home following safety guidelines and our useful tips under Storm Readiness.
  • Ensure you have your Emergency Supply Kit ready.
  • Download and print all necessary forms from this website you may need to make a claim.
  • Place all your insurance and other important information in waterproof containers. From our experience in the aftermath of disasters, having your policy handy when insurance adjusters are visiting neighbourhoods will speed up your claim process, especially if you cannot get to our office. Please keep these documents in a safe place.
  1. During the storm
  • Protect the safety of your family, home and business. Follow our tips for what to do during the storm.
  1. After the storm
  • Our offices will reopen as soon as possible after the storm.

The following numbers are our contacts for after the storm:

Sun Rescue

  • Anguilla - 497-7500
  • Antigua - 481-2715
  • Barbados - 434-8480
  • Grenada - 440-0217
  • St. Lucia - 458-8800
  • St. Vincent - 457-2584

What Can I Do in Advance?

Before Hurricane Season is the best time to effectively prepare for a potential natural disaster.  You can start by thinking ahead, organizing and doing some simple tasks, listed below.

  • Review your insurance policy and ensure you have sufficient coverage. Or, visit any of our three locations for assistance from our insurance agents.   
  • Create safety plans for your family and your business. Families - find out where your nearest hurricane shelter is located and have an evacuation plan in the event that your home is severely affected.  Businesses - write a disaster preparedness plan that outlines a continuity plan to keep your business running in the event of a disaster.
  • Compile an inventory of the contents of your home or at your business, to assist in the event an insurance claim is required after an emergency.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit of things you might need if disaster strikes.
  • Store your important data electronically. Consider storing important legal and financial documents on a flash drive and keeping them safe with your emergency supply kit.
  • Perform routine maintenance such as tree-trimming, gutter cleaning and debris removal around your home or office building. Make sure drains are clear.