Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre

During The Storm

The most important thing during any type of natural disaster is to protect the safety of your family, home and business.

Ensure you have access to your emergency supply kit in case the disaster affects normal operations of the country for several days or weeks.

What to do:

  • Stay inside during the storm.
    Stay inside your home until the all-clear is given. Choose an interior room of your residence (bathroom, large closet or pantry), with little or no windows, located away from the exterior wall of the residence.
  • Monitor your radio for important alerts and instructions from the authorities.
    Remember to have a battery-powered radio in your emergency supply kit.
  • Stay off your home/cell phone.
    Keep all means of communication available for an emergency.
  • Stay in your safe area until the danger has passed.
    Resist the temptation to check on your property until you are sure it is safe to do so.