Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre

Evacuation Plan

Advance planning can save lives and protect your family in the event of a disaster.  During Hurricane Season, the order to evacuate can come at any time, so it is best to plan for a possible evacuation to avoid unnecessary stress or panic.

Ensure your Emergency Supply Kit and Important Documents are ready to take with you at a moment’s notice.

What else should I do?

  • Identify your closest shelter point.
    Should you need to evacuate, be familiar with your closest evacuation point - whether a neighbour, family member’s home, or government shelter. Identify your best evacuation route based on which roads are most likely to be passable during a storm.
  • Make sure all family members know the plan.
    Ensure all family members are familiar with the designated shelter location, and identify one designated contact person for everyone to call in the case of separation.
  • Pre-arrange transportation.
    Arrange for a ride to your chosen shelter well before the storm if you don’t have your own transportation, in case you are ordered to evacuate.
  • Keep your car fueled.
    Make sure you fill your gas tank in advance, to ensure you have enough to get you to the designated evacuation point if necessary.
  • Plan for pets.
    Make a plan now for what to do with your pets if you have to evacuate