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Conduct a Home Iventory

Doing a complete inventory of your home is one of the best ways to ensure you have sufficient coverage, and can also make filing a claim easier. Make sure to include a list of your contents, when they were purchased, and what you paid for them.

How do I do this?

  • Video Camera: doing a virtual walk through of your home is one of the easiest methods to use, as you can narrate the details of each item you own while you go from room to room. You can supplement this with a written list of items.
  • Camera and Writing Pad: Take photos of the items you own and write down the details of each item on a notepad as you take them. Label the photos with a description, including where you bought it and the make, model and serial number. Remember to include items stored in closets or drawers.

Store your home inventory along with receipts in a safe, or somewhere outside your home. This will ensure you will have something to give your insurance agent in the event a claim is necessary.

Remember to update the inventory after you make any significant purchases, and keep all receipts, especially for valuable items. You may need to insure these items separately to ensure they are adequately covered.