Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre

Pre-Season Preparation

Before Hurricane Season is the best time to effectively prepare for a potential natural disaster.  You can start by thinking ahead, organizing and doing some simple tasks, listed below.

  • Review your insurance policy and ensure you have sufficient coverage. Or, visit any of our three locations for assistance from our insurance agents.   
  • Create safety plans for your family and your business. Families - find out where your nearest hurricane shelter is located and have an evacuation plan in the event that your home is severely affected.  Businesses - write a disaster preparedness plan that outlines a continuity plan to keep your business running in the event of a disaster.
  • Compile an inventory of the contents of your home or at your business, to assist in the event an insurance claim is required after an emergency.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit of things you might need if disaster strikes.
  • Store your important data electronically. Consider storing important legal and financial documents on a flash drive and keeping them safe with your emergency supply kit.
  • Perform routine maintenance such as tree-trimming, gutter cleaning and debris removal around your home or office building. Make sure drains are clear.

 Insurance Readiness

Sun General Insurance offers homeowners insurance to help protect your home and belongings against damage from emergencies and natural disasters. Get an accurate quote online now, visit one of our offices, or call us to ensure your coverage is adequate. While Sun General does not offer specific hurricane insurance coverage, our homeowners insurance includes protection against a covered loss caused by such a disaster.

Below are some questions you may want to consider:

Is my Coverage up to date?

Your insurance coverage should reflect the current status of your home. You should keep the valuation of your home and its contents current, in order to ensure you have the right insurance coverage based on their full replacement value.

If you have recently increased the value of your home and/or its contents, such as renovation or remodelling, you should speak with your agent to determine if your current insurance is sufficient.

Do you have Comprehensive Motor Coverage?

If your car is damaged by the passage of the storm and not a collision, for example, by a falling tree or flooding, third party coverage will not protect you. You’ll need comprehensive coverage on your motor policy.  And if you have to leave your car at the mechanic, you may wish to consider rental car coverage.