Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre


Once the disaster has passed, your first priority should be continuing to ensure safety of persons and property.

Try to minimize any further potential damage by doing what you can to rectify safety issues immediately. Then, assess the damage to your property in order to start the recovery process.

What Do I Do After the Storm Passes?

  • Continue to ensure your safety.
    Listen for the radio or television notice that gives an official "all clear." If you had to leave your premises, return home only after this notice has been given. Continue to take all necessary precautions when travelling between locations as damage may have occurred to roads and power lines.
  • Very carefully check around your property for external damage.
    Avoid any downed power lines, including water or puddles that may be near the downed lines, and stay clear of sharp fallen objects.
  • Take photos of the damage.
    Take photos of any damage, internal and external, that may be required as evidence for your insurance claim.
  • Protect your property from any further damage.
    Arrange for any minor temporary repairs as soon as you are able, including boarding up any broken windows to avoid burglary or additional weather damage. Take photos of the damage and save all bills and materials receipts. (Do not make permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster has reviewed the damage.)
  • Report your claim as soon as possible.
    Contact us to speak to a claims professional, who will send an insurance adjuster to review your damage. We are here to help you with the process of restoration and rebuilding; but please do not make permanent repairs until we have reviewed your case. Visit our Claims Centre for more information.