Be Ready For The Storm

Storm Centre

Storm Readiness

When the storm is coming, how do I prepare?

Sun General advises you to take some basic preparation tips just before a storm's arrival, to ensure your family and business is kept as safe as possible.

What to do:

  • Remind employees of the plans in place.
    Business owners should remind employees of your disaster preparedness plan, including information on how they will know if your facility is open for business once the storm has passed.
  • Monitor weather alerts.
    Stay tuned to your local television or radio station for disaster-related information.
  • Get emergency cash.
    Withdraw some funds to have available after the storm passes, in case ABM machines are down.
  • Collect emergency materials.
    Have the necessary tools and supplies on hand to secure your house or business (plywood, nails, shutters, etc.) You may also wish to have emergency materials on hand, such as plywood, sandbags and waterproof tarps.
  • Secure all outdoor objects or move them inside.
    Grills, patio furniture and flowerpots are common household items that can become airborne in high winds. Do not use grills inside or store gas tanks inside the house or garage. Business owners should also remember to secure outdoor signage, benches and equipment to minimize potential damage.
  • Fill up your car and emergency generator.
    Ensure your car has a full tank of gas, and if you have an emergency generator, ensure it is also full. Always have spare fuel on hand that is stored in a safe location.
  • Fill up your bathtub with water.
    Fill as many large containers, sinks and your bathtub with water, as these can serve as an important reserve if there is no running water after a storm.
  • Charge your cell phone and other portable devices.
    Ensure your devices are fully charged and keep car chargers available to assist you with communication if your electricity goes out.
  • Park your car carefully.
    Move your car away from poles or trees that may topple onto it.
  • Download important insurance forms.
    Download Property and Motor Claims Forms in advance of the storm's arrival so that you will be prepared in the event you need them, at: http://sungeneral.net/download-forms.html.