Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. Effective April 10, 2014 Sun General Insurance Inc. will be accepting online premium payments via our website.
  2. We accept online payments by Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA and American Express).
  3. Sun General Insurance Inc. reserves the right to add or remove payment options at its discretion and without notice.
  4. All premiums are stated in the currency that is indicated in the form which you have filled out to make your payment.
  5. Your card will be charged immediately when you make an online payment. Your Sun General Account will be updated to reflect the payment within two (2) business days.
  6. The processing of your online payment depends on the accuracy of the information you submitted to us. If we are unable to process your payment because the information you provided is not accurate we will attempt to contact you via the telephone number and email address you provided when submitting the payment. If we are unsuccessful at contacting you within two (2) business days after your payment was made we will reverse the charge to your Credit cCard. Please note that if your payment is reversed due to the above circumstances and your policy’s Renewal Date has passed you will not receive cover and we may send you a Cancellation Notice.