On such valuable and expensive equipment, we provide all risk cover for physical loss of or damage to your computer and electronic equipment.

With the increased use of technology, we will also cover you for the agreed additional expenditure and for the use of substitute equipment, in the event of loss.



This policy allows for a wider scope of coverage. In addition to any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or accidental damage of equipment, coverage is also offered in respect of loss of data, external data media, equipment breakdown (including negligence breakdown), increased cost of working with an optional extension of cover for loss or damage due to riot and strike and civil commotion.



Whatever is valuable to you, is valuable to us!!!

With the term “valuable” varying from person to person, we at Sun General will tailor this Policy to suit your needs.

We can provide local and worldwide coverage not only for jewellery, but also your personal effects such as spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, tape recorders and other electronic equipment, cameras and photographic apparatus, musical equipment, computer equipment and other specified equipment.

The Policy provides coverage for your valuables against any event in which a loss can arise, such as fire, catastrophe perils and accidental damage. Any peril or risk not specifically stated or excluded is covered.

Subjected to a closing order and you are unable to make the payment due to the mortgagee and the proceeds of the sales or compensation is less that the outstanding debt, this coverage will seek to provide the shortfall.


Where do I start?

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