Don’t be left out to Sea with your Boat!!!

Sun General offers comprehensive coverage on your boat. Be it pleasure craft, fishing vessel or water-sports operation along with associated equipment, Sun General offers cover to suit your needs. On notification, a refund of premium will be available for any laid-up period.

For the importer and exporter, Sun General also offers insurance for your cargo in our Open Cargo Policy which is tailored to meet your specific needs. We can cover the cost, insurance and freight (CIF value) of your shipment and hence protect you from financial loss.

Coverage for loss of or damage is given with respect to the ownership or negligence in operation of your vessel.


(for your yacht speed boat and other pleasure crafts)

 This Policy offers basic coverage for loss of or physical damage by accidental means, theft, negligence in operation or by fire to the hull, engine, machinery, special equipment (such as life jackets, radios, torch lights) and personal effects (eg. Binoculars).  Additional coverage can also be offered for trailers, damage to vessel whilst in transit on land, dropping/falling off of outboard engines, accidents with third parties vessels, legal liability in respect of bodily injury, property damage, accidents to third parties and passengers.


(for exportation/importation of cargo shipments)

 These policies cover loss of or damage to cargo being exported or imported on vessels or aircrafts, due to fire, explosion, sinking, collision, capsizing of the vessel/aircraft.


Where do I start?

If you are interested in getting a FREE quote from our offices you can call us directly on the numbers listed at the top of the page or click here to download one of our Easy Proposal forms that will have to be filled out for us to have the most accurate information to quote on.