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Commercial Fleet 

No matter the size of your fleet, we can handle your insurance needs. Our Commercial Motor insurance offers you maximum protection for your business and staff who are on the road everyday.

We offer the most comprehensive coverage on motor vehicles including cover for damage to your vehicle, third party bodily injury, damage to other people’s property, windscreen damage up to $2,500.00 with no interference of your No claims Discount and a rebate on your premium for the laid-up period.

Motor Own Goods Policy

As the name states, this Policy provides coverage where the usage of the vehicle is for the transportation of your own goods and property or being used for tuition purposes.

Motor General Cartage Policy

This policy provides coverage for those freighting goods or property belonging to or behalf of others for reward.

Motor Hired, Taxi, Maxi Taxi, Tour Bus, Minibus, Route Taxi Policies

These Policies provides coverage for those vehicles being used for transporting passengers for hire or reward. Coverage for these Policies is not automatically given, requires the approval/underwriting of our management and is subject to strict guidelines.

Motor Traders Policy

This Policy is designed for those persons working in the motor trade business eg. Car dealerships and persons involved in the business of buying, repairing, re-selling of vehicles. In addition to coverage for damage caused by accidental means, occurring in or about your premises to property and motor vehicles held in trust, in custody or in control but not belonging to you, this Policy covers accidental bodily injury, death to persons other than your employees (or persons acting on your behalf) caused by your negligence or by any defect in the premises, machinery of plant being used in connection with your business. All legal costs associated with defending claims or lawsuits against you, will be covered.

Latitude Motor Plan

This Policy is designed to provide owners and drivers of Sports Utility vehicles, Pick-ups and other 4 x 4 vehicles used in connection with your own business, the ideal comprehensive coverage for many of the unforeseen twists and turns that may challenge you along the way.

In addition to the coverage already afforded under our comprehensive coverage, we offer you the following:-

  • Additional discounts
  • Accidental Medical Benefit  of $10,000.00
  • Loss of Income Benefit up to $5,000.00
  • No Fault Legal Aid Benefit up to $7,500.00
  • Hired Vehicle/Taxi Services up to $650.00 per week
  • Lower excesses for accident-free driving and more.

Insurance coverage can be offered on two (2) basis explained below:

Third Party Insurance – Should you be at fault in an accident, we provide coverage for loss of or damages occurring to third party vehicles, third party property and for third party bodily injury or death claims you may become legally liable for. Third party coverage also pays for any legal costs associated with defending claims or lawsuits against you.

With third party insurance, no coverage is offered for damage to your vehicle if you are at fault. However, if you are not at fault the insurers of the responsible party will pay such damages.

Third Party Insurance is the minimum road coverage required by law.

Comprehensive Insurance – Should you be at fault in an accident, we provide coverage for damages to your vehicle and injuries to your passengers. This type of insurance also provides coverage for damages you may become liable for, with respect to third party vehicle, third party property, bodily injury or death claims and legal costs associated with defending claims. In addition, coverage is also provided for accident damage, theft of your vehicle and loss of or damage to your vehicle in respect of fire, hurricane, earthquake, riot and strike and malicious damage and windscreen coverage up to $2,500.00.

This coverage is subjected to a deductible in event of a claim.

Third party Liability cover also applies whilst an authorized driver has held a driver's licence and has not been disqualified from driving the said motor vehicle.

Choose from a list of our most popular policies below in which coverage can be offered Third party OR Comprehensively as explained above.