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Accident & Liability Insurance

Third Party/Public Liability

We owe a duty of care/safety to persons coming onto our premises!

Should someone suffer bodily injury including death and/or property damage whilst on your premises for which you are held liable, we provide cover.

We actually seek to protect you against your assets being seized, if you are held liable.

Products Liability

This extension allows protects manufacturers and sellers liability to the public as it relates to claims relating to the manufacture or sale of products or food. For example, unsafe product designs, defective products, improper or insufficient warnings on a product or the manufacturing process of such products.

Choose from our extensive list of Clauses/Extensions:

  • Work away risks
  • Defective sanitary installations
  • Directors/officers visits abroad (excluding directors & officers third party property damage)
  • Fire /explosion liability
  • Flood, Fumes or pollution liability
  • Food and drink liability
  • Indemnity to directors, employees and executives
  • Legal liability arising out of the ownership and/or possession and/or use by, or on behalf of the insured, of hoists and/or lifts
  • Legal liability for motor vehicles from unlicensed and uninsured vehicles designed or adapted primarily for use as tools
  • Products liability
  • Personal injury
  • Tenants’ legal liability
  • Contingent motor liability (excess of any underlying motor road cost cover)
  • Automatic reinstatement
  • Cross liability
  • Defective sanitary installation liability

Call and let one of our Customer Service Representatives/Underwriters tailor-make a policy just for you. 

Employers Liability

As an employer, you owe a duty of care/safety to your employees whilst on the premises and/or during the course of their employment with you.

This Policy covers your legal liability should an employee suffer bodily injury including disease, death and/or property damage whilst on the job and for which you are held liable.

Therefore, give us a call and protect yourselves with respect to claims from your employees.

Professional Indemnity Policy

This Policy is used by several professional occupations such as lawyers, accountants, doctors etc. to protect their firms from litigation due to omissions, negligence of their business or business practices and errors.

Where do I start?

If you are interested in getting a FREE quote from our offices you can call us directly on the numbers listed at the top of the page or click here to download one of our Easy Proposal forms that will have to be filled out for us to have the most accurate information to quote on.