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Machinery & Equipment

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Are you contracted for building, road works, renovations etc, whether temporary or permanent? Then ask about our Contractors All Risk insurance Policy. We are familiar with the hazards you face and the risks you undertake as a contractor or builder.

We will provide you with protection during the course of construction or works and for an adequate maintenance period. The coverage granted will not only protect the physical building, construction risks, tools, plant and equipment but will also protect against claims made by other parties for injuries or property damage, due to your negligence or that of your work force.

This Policy offers coverage for sudden and unforeseen damage as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, flood, inundation, windstorm, earthquake, theft, collapse, lack of skill, erection faults, malicious damage, riots, strikes and civil commotion to:

  • the temporary and permanent works as per the contract until hand-over to principal
  • materials on site in connection with the works as well as those in a locked container on site
  • construction plant, machinery and equipment and property on site for the purpose of the contract

The Policy also covers:

  • public liability
  • legal liability for bodily and injury to and property damage of third parties, arising during the construction period only, coverage during the maintenance period and repair to the property under the terms and conditions of the maintenance clause of the contract.

Optional extensions: Inland transit of materials to site, removal of debris and additional expenses such as overtime, express freight and professional fees such as architects and surveyors. 

Electronic Equipment Insurance

We provide all risk cover for physical loss of or damage to your electronic equipment i.e. computers, stereos, TV's.

With the increased use of technology in offices, we will also cover you for the additional expenditure and for the use of substitute equipment, in the event of loss.

This policy allows for a wide scope of coverage. In addition to any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or accidental damage of equipment, coverage is also offered in respect of loss of data, external data media, equipment breakdown (including negligence breakdown), increased cost of working with an optional extension of cover for loss or damage due to riot and strike and civil commotion.

Machinery All Risk Policy

Whether your machinery, equipment or plant is fixed or mobile, our Machinery All Risk Policy provides cover for sudden and unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage, as well as mechanical breakdown or damage occurring during transit, loading and off-loading, whenever applicable. Extensions include overtime and express freight charges/cost.

Deterioration of Stock Policy

This Policy provides coverage for loss of or damage resulting in deterioration to frozen or refrigerated goods, caused by the accidental rise or fall in temperature due to the breakdown (whether mechanical or electrical) of your refrigeration device, escape of refrigerant gas, non-operation of thermostatic or automatic controlling or recording apparatus. Coverage for loss of or damage of stock as a result of accidental failure of the public electricity supply can also be added at additional cost.