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Money & Fidelity Insurance

Money Insurance

Coverage is provided for the loss of money, cash, postal orders, crossed cheques etc., by almost any cause. Collusion is not covered.

This Policy offers protection of your money (cash, cheques, money orders, postage stamps, bank notes etc.) during working hours, outside working hours, in safe or strong room, at the private dwelling of the principal or authorized employee, coverage to the actual safe and can be extended to cover personal assault for employees responsible for transit.

Before there is the loss of or damage to your safe or strong room arising out of a theft or attempted theft, call us to help you!

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Fidelity Insurance

This Policy covers persons dealing with money, tradable assets, and stock on a regular basis. It covers loss of stock, money or samples occasioned by the dishonest or fraudulent act(s) of an employee during the course of their employment such as embezzlement, forgery, robbery, theft from safe, computer fraud, counterfeit or wire transfer.

This coverage can be offered on an individual employee basis or blanket coverage (for all employees).

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Travel Policy

Coverage includes:-

  • Personal accident cover on your life – accidents causing death, loss including total and permanent loss of one or more eyes, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement
  • Baggage – Loss or damage to your luggage, personal effects and money
  • Medical expenses – Fees associated with sickness, injury and death

Special group or annual travel packages can also be arranged.