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Home Insurance

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What Is Home Insurance?

Sun Generals homeowners insurance policy helps protect you in case your house is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril (fire / hurricane / earthquake / flooding). It can also extend to cover the contents in your home such as furniture and fittings, loss of possessions, public liability and in some cases even help you with cost of living somewhere else while you get yourself organized. Home insurance is an important decision to make, as it ensures that you will be able to rebuild after any incident.

Basically, our company will compensate you after you make your claim for the losses you incurred in your home as per the obligations outlined in our policy documents. Homeowners may be required by financial institutions to buy house insurance for their home before they approve lending money to add security to their investment. Different companies have many options available on offer so you must review carefully your choices to make sure you get the best coverage for your house.

Depending on your type of policy, Insurance policies can generally cover:

  • The structure of the house
  • Storage sheds & pools
  • Personal belongings inside the house 
  • Valuables protection (jewelry) 
  • Personal liability to others in case of injury in your home 
  • Electronics equipment 
  • Employers liability 
  • Theft
  • Larceny 
  • Loss of property due to employees

Common Perils and damages that may be covered in your policy include:

  1. Hurricane / Earthquake / Fire / Flood / Lightning & Explosion
  2. Aircraft damage
  3. Impact damage
  4. Riot & Strike
  5. Malicious damage
  6. Damage from falling trees