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Terms and definitions 


Below is a brief list of terms that you will find in your home insurance policy. For a complete list of terms please see your full home insurance policy document here.

The private dwelling used for domestic purposes only located at the Risk Address and all domestic offices, stables, garages and outbuildings used solely in connection therewith and on the same premises, the fixtures and fittings therein and the patios, terraces, footpaths, walls, gates and fences around and pertaining there to.

Shall mean Your furniture, household goods, Valuables and Personal Effects (except any specifically insured hereunder separately) and Electronic Equipment, but not including Firearms.

Domestic Employees
A person employed by You to carry out domestic duties in connection with Your home and its land, and not employed by You in any capacity in connection with any other business, trade or profession.

Domestic Employees’ Contents
Personal Effects belonging to Your Domestic Employee(s) and which is located at the Risk Address.

Electronic Equipment
Includes television sets, stereo equipment, video players, DVD players, Blu- Ray players, home entertainment equipment, computers, games consoles, smartphones, portable music players and any accessories.

Electronic Equipment List
A list that details all the items that make up the Electronic Equipment as insured hereunder, including but not limited to the serial number and the replacement cost at the commencement of the Policy Period of each item individually.

Flood is a sudden, general and temporary condition where Your Buildings are inundated by water or mudflow.

Current coin and bank notes, cheques, postal money orders, current postage stamps, travel tickets and traveller’s cheques all held by You for social, domestic or charitable purposes only.

Named Windstorm
Includes all tropical storms and hurricanes that have been named by the World Meteorological Organisation.

Per Item Limit
Shall mean that each separate component that makes up the Buildings shall be separate and distinct for the application of any applicable Excess provided that each part is itemized on Your Schedule.

Personal Effects
Wearing apparel and other personal articles worn or effects used or carried but not including Valuables, Money, mechanically propelled vehicles, watercrafts, caravans, trailers, animals, camping equipment, contact lenses and documents.

This document which contains details of the coverages as itemised on Your Schedule and any applicable Endorsements.

Policy Period
The dates shown on Your Schedule for which this Policy is in operation, and any renewal periods thereafter.

Jewellery, articles of gold, silver, or other precious metal, watches, furs, cameras, works of art, art curios, telescopes or binoculars.