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Motor Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Insurance


What does Motor Insurance cover?

Motor insurance covers injury to you, damage to your vehicle and other persons involved in a vehicular accident.  

What is the difference between Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance?

Third Party Insurance covers liability to other persons for injury and damages to their property.  Comprehensive Insurance includes third party cover as well but also includes coverage for damage to your vehicle from accidents and includes other coverage such as fire, theft, hurricane, flood and may include additional coverage at the discretion of the insurer such as perrsonal accident and medical expenses.

What is Excess/Deductible?

Excess or Deductible is the amount that you are responsible for paying before the insurance company pays the remaining amount of your claim.  There are compulsory excesses and voluntary excess.  Compulsory excesses are imposed by the insurer.  However, voluntary excess may help you to reduce your premium.

Is Motor Insurance Mandatory by Law?

Yes, Third Party insurance is required by Law.

Can you pay in installments?

Yes payment plans are available depending on the amount of your insurance and your payment history.

What is a No Claims Discount (NCD)?

An NCD is awarded for each year you hold a private car insurance in your own name without making a claim.  Most insurance companies only accept NCD’s earned from policies expired within the last two years.