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Motor Insurance

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Insurance can be confusing.  Simply put, you can choose Third Party or Comprehensive. Learn about their differences below.

Third Party Insurance

Third Party Insurance is the minimum road coverage required by law.If an accident is your fault we will pay the cost:

  • to repair the vehicle that you hit
  • to repair other persons property that you have damaged
  • of any bodily injury (including death) to other persons
  • of legal fees associated with defending your caset hat you may be legally responsible for
Third party insurance does not cover damages to your vehicle if you are at fault. If you are not at fault, you will make a claim against the other driver for your damages.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance gives you better coverage. In addition to the third party coverage noted above, you will also receive coverage for:

  • damage to your vehicle
  • theft of your vehicle
  • fire damage to your vehicle
  • damage caused by hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, riot and strike & malicious damage to your vehicle
  • damage for windscreen, sunroof and windows of your vehicle
  • medical expenses if you suffer bodily injury as  a result of an accident
  • personal accident benefits if you are injured or die as a result of an accident
  • damage to your personal belongings and clothing caused by accident, fire or theft
  • hire car or travel expenses if your vehicle is damaged as a result of accident, fire or theft

Comprehensive insurance is subject to a Deductible or Excess which is the first part of the claim that you are responsible for before we settle your claim.  Your Deductible/Excess is  predetermined when you buy your insurance.