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Please see below a list of our recommended garages and surveyors for doing Roadworthy Certificates in Barbados.  If you are on another island, please contact us for recommended garages.





Ace Engineering Inc. Searles Factory Yard, Christ Church 420-1799
Alliance Auto Searles Factory Yard, Searles, Christ Church 420-3907
Auto Surgeon, Auto Services Ltd. Bridge Cot, St. George 437-9887
Auto Tech Engineering #7 Kingston Terrace, St. Michael 426-6116
Bodyline Garage  Tenantry, Speightstown, St. Peter 233-2633
Corbin's Garage Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael 427-7755
Courtesy Garage Limited Wildey, St. Michael 431-4100
Courtney Small Vauxhall, Christ Church 437-1283
Dalteck Inc. Green Hill, St. Michael 425-9905
Downes Garage Hothersal Turning, St. Michael 228-2382
E.T.A. Auto Clinic Car Zone, Black Rock, St. Michael 622-1740
Gladstone Leacock Coconut Grove, St. Joseph 234-9721
Hope's Auto Clinic Garden Land, Country Road, St. Michael 435-2507
Johnson's Auto #4 Neil's Plantation, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael 851-3222
McEnearney Quality Inc. Wildey, St. Michael 467-2400
Ministry Of Public Works & Transport Pine, St. Michael 429-2191
Montrose Auto Spares Limited Montrose, Christ Church 420-9682
Nassco Limited River Road, St. Michael 227-6048
Platinum Motors Redman Drive, Fontabelle, St. Michael 426-1767
Prestige Auto Bodyshop Observatory Road, Clapham, St. Michael 427-1762
Roett's Garage Salters, St. George 426-0547
Russell Norville #32 Walkers Terrace, St. George 262-0561
Simpson Motors Warrens, St. Michael 417-7777
TCS Services - Tyrone Sargeant Prior Park Gardens, St. James 234-3183
Tempro's Auto Clinic Marchfield Road, Nr. Six Roads, St. Philip 840-2562
The Auto Repair Centre Strathclyde Crescent, St. Michael 426-5853
Trans-Tech Kendal Hill, Christ Church 418-6628
United Commercial Autoworks Ltd. Weymouth, Roebuck Street, St. Michael 228-7261
Watermans' Garage Workman's, St. George 822-0785
Xtreme Auto - Leslie Bryan St. David's Village, Christ Church 244-7846