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Personal Accident Insurance

 The very nature of accidents, indicate that we cannot anticipate misfortune. However, we can plan for such occurrences by taking out personal insurance coverage. The Personal Accident Insurance Policy is designed to cushion the financial effect of a disabling accident to you, whether permanent or temporary.

With worldwide coverage, your medical expenses will be paid. If you have incurred temporary total disablement, weekly benefits are payable.

At a time of loss of income, you will also be able to maintain your standard of living while recuperating by way of payment of an agreed percentage of your salary/wages. We can cover your bills!

We also offer packages for groups of employees, members of organizations etc.

Our Policy coverage includes benefit for accidental death (paid to beneficiaries), temporarily or permanently injuries, related medical expenses, disability, loss of one or more limbs, or sight, total disablement, temporary partial disablement.